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GOLD Digger
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Gold: +$4,898,400.00
Silver: +$2,810,370.00
Currencies: +$2,888,880.00
Total Profit:
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If you put a gun to my head and ask what is the only true way to make money, I would tell you that nothing comes close to GOLD .

In a world of uncertainty, financial crisis, scams, and currency collapses, the only true commodity that stands the test of time is GOLD .

I mean just take a good look around... currencies are collapsing, countries are in big trouble... the euro might fall apart... uncertainty reigns. In times like this when people lose a lot of money, the clever people - the go getters, you and I can make a fortune .

Time and time again gold has proved to be the SAFE HAVEN investors were looking for. Each time crisis came, gold stood the test of time and increased in value. So should you buy gold and sit on it? Think AGAIN.

We live in the modern age, not in medieval times. Forget your pickaxe mentality, driller and miner equipment thinking. The times have changed and so have the tools, in a big way. And like a pioneer of the old times staking up his claim, you can be one of the first to profit... because...

And here comes the good news!

Two young rocket engineering scientists from mother Russia have discovered a little known loophole to profit on gold, from 180% to a staggering 450% a week . Antony, 36 and Ronald, 32 - the young scientists and technical analytics from Russia who devoted their life to developing trading software that truly works. These kids are not new to the trading world. Back in 2006, they came up with the first revolutionary forex software, called GPS Robot, that in 9 years NEVER had a losing month ! Bold statement I know, but you can go to their MyFXbook 3rd-party verification page and verify this bold claim yourself! 9 years like clockwork, generating money month after month! Below this video you find the proof. The new GOLD Digger app even has notarized results , but more on that later!

And guess what, they did not stop at that!

Back in 2012, they released the first version of a Commodity Robot that was trading several profitable commodities such as Gold, Silver and even Oil, each copy selling to hedge fund and private investors at $12,999 a license. They were sold out in a matter of 11 hours! IN FACT IF YOU CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE, YOU SEE IT'S CLOSED FOR ORDERS : It's still there, the huge big "Sold Out" sign. That was good for big investors but left no chance for you and me, small time investors, to profit with this software. Big money makes big revenue so those who were lucky to obtain a license are now profiting, and have been for years. UNFAIR I know but... this is changing right here and right NOW !

After 3 years of silence and private cooperation with only hedge funds, bankers and big time traders, Ronald and Antony finally figured out the way how YOU can make money with them as well. This means with just a few hundred bucks you can go in and profit as much as an insane 2500 USD per week!!!

Just imagine what you could do with this kind of money, and the power of leverage behind it. How do they do it? By using the power of the forex leverage market, they trade at super high velocity and with 400 times the capital you have at your disposal...

This Account Could Be Yours: Over $4,898,400.00 Profit Made!
So basically it works like this:

You invest a little sum - let's take 300 USD as an example. The deposit gets inflated 400 times (leverage 400 to 1). That increases the money the bot works with to a staggering 12,000 - yes TWELVE THOUSAND USD . So a return of a few thousand dollars is entirely achievable. Unlike bots that promise you thousands of dollars out of a few hundred bucks and then overtrade, killing your investment (99% of the so called trading bot SCAMS out there) you basically get a huge deposit that the bot can work with upfront! In fact, with this setup there is much less pressure to make profitable trades. A few trades a week are enough a relaxed and foreseeing trade algorithm places gold trades with pinpoint accuracy. Perfected over years, fine-tuned like a Formula 1 racing car, every part of it working in perfect unison to produce UNBELIEVABLE but REAL results .

Forget binary option bots that promise you the world with some dubious scam screenshots and profits. Just look at the section under the video - we have gone to great lengths to ensure the bot's profitability and prove to you beyond any reason of doubt that the results are reproducible and that the earnings come in on a weekly basis. We have even notarized - yes NOTARIZED - the results of the GOLD Digger app. This means verified by a 3rd-party notary that these results are in fact achievable.

Now however... we have some bad news as well.

The bad news? Antony and Ronald are not going to give away their secret for free nor will they ever sell it. It's just too much of a golden nest egg and has proved itself to be invaluable for the future. Even negotiations with giants such as Goldmann Sachs, Deutsche Bank and HSBC have failed. Closed-door meetings were held and still Antony and Ronald didn't want to sell their software... they even keep the sums offered a secret.

What they will do, however, is let you profit alongside with them using their proprietary software. Yes, you are welcome to profit alongside them as if you were a close family member, lifetime friend or developer - not as a beta tester, but as an actual member.

Remember that this GOLD Digger app has already proven itself!
Notarized results, no funky stuff, no need to give away your data mail
options or credit card. It's download-and-go software.

But let's see it step by step. Here is how it works:

Activate Your Account

You activate your account and trade GOLD Digger using the proprietary patent-pending technology generating 180-450% per week. What's the catch? On every winning trade you are charged 1 cent commission that goes to the developers to compensate their efforts. Easy as that. No hidden fees. No silly monthly subscriptions. You win and they win. A true Win+Win model and that's why it works.

Withdraw Your Profit

You can withdraw as much as 9000 USD per week. Why the limit? The overall trade volume of gold is HUGE but with thousands of trades trading gold the same way through the GOLD Digger app, profits need to be preserved for all of the community. Still, you can profit up to 36,000 USD per month; a nice income, I'd say? :) Especially considering you only need a tiny investment to start to get going because of the power of leverage, as explained before.

Tiny deposit leveraged to a big deposit
Trading for big gains
Withdrawing profits

That's how it works! Easy as that, and a true no-brainer. There are no upsells, E-Mail collecting and all the other funny stuff that scammers do, that I am sure you are tired of as much as I am.

How much would you like to earn? Type it here:

Again: this is a model that lets you profit without ripping you off! The model they introduced is a true win-win situation because it earns you money.

You use the software for free.
No hidden fees, no silly monthly subscriptions.
A no-BS approach. You trade and you win.

On every win you are charged a 1 cent commission that goes to Ronald and Antony to compensate their efforts. Easy as that and fully transparent. Sounds fair? I bet it does!

It's time for you to take action and activate the new revolutionary GOLD Digger software and start generating up to 180-450% on gold per week ! Again: click on the big orange button to activate your GOLD Digger software and get started!

It's as easy as that! Stop going in circles and start doing what works!

See you in the members' area. :)
Notarised statements
and trading performance

In fact Antony and Ronald went to great lenghts to show full transparency of the GOLD Digger app! No screenshots of earnings and no fancy images of big return sums that could be faked with photoshop... NO!!!

They went to a german notary called Notariat Schmidt , to have the results audited and verified!

At first the notary was a little bit "off" put at the request as they have never audited a Binary Option app before...

Upon a little back and forth however notary Hans Peter agreed to verify the trades and a meeting was set in their offices.

The results of the audit you can see below!

Contact Notary: +36 21 2620 996

About the Creators
Antony Kemble is a successful commodity analyst and financially independent commodity trader. From an early age, he was attracted to trading different actives, financial markets and commodity exchanges. Antony graduated from university with a specialization in "Computer systems processing of financial information". Together with Ronald, he participated in international trading conferences discussing the prospects and future of commodity exchanges. He has been developing modular automated trading systems to work on different types of markets. Antony is the author of several successful projects that have revolutionized commodity trading, and he is a financial partner for several private investment companies around the world: Dubai, Telaviv, Berlin, New York and Moscow.
Ronald Kravchuk is a 32 year old Russian programmer who has taken a leading position in the development of commodity trading systems. He started programming at the age of 14 years and has established a number of successful projects since then. Some of them are used by major banks and investment funds. Together with Antony, he cooperated with a lot of large international companies, as well as participated in work with private investors such as Hans Coenig and David Shwartz. Ronald is the author of several successful trading systems and is highly respected in the circles of forex analysts and programmers.
Meet the developers Antony and Ronald

Meet the creators of the GOLD Digger trading solution — Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk from Russia, young geniuses with numbers.

Antony and Ronald are not the newcomers to the A.I. programming field. They have been developing in MQ4 for several years and created a very famous currency trading robot named GPS.

10 years ago after graduating, Ronald and Antony got really interested in forex trading. Since they had a degree in programming , like most Russian guys they were really interested in developing a great software that can trade on autopilot for us. As you know, Russia is well known for its bright programmers...

The guys developed several successful systems and finally got noticed by the underground forex traders who were looking for MQ4 programmers to automate their new trading system...

This is how the GPS system was born. Once released, it became one of the most successful trading robots on the market. However, they always knew they could do more and unleash A.I.'s real potential!

That's when they started to work with the private partners on the special solution for the gold and silver trading system.

Once they did the job and made the first backtests, everyone was amazed how well it worked !

The best part is — the system does not involve any tricks like martingale, grid or no-stoploss trading that can easily blow your account.

That makes it really powerful!

Antony & Ronald at Forex Expo 2015 in Moscow
It Is Better Than Forex
Banks Are Hated Greedy Institutions... But They Are Filthy Rich
Trade Like A Bank! (Minus The Hate)
Here is how it works
The GOLD Digger (The Worlds First Gold Trading App)
This is the process of GOLD Digger working to make money for you:
What's behind the idea?
Big banks control
the flow!
The GOLD Digger 3 level system:

Tell me one thing. In the world of crisis...

Who has all the money?



How can we get the money from banks?

Robbery? think again!

Don't fight the rich! Become one of them!

Want to become financially independent?

FOLLOW BIG BANKS! Do what they are doing!

Use the tools they are using.

Trade the software they are trading.

Find out where their money is moving!

And follow the cash flow!

Level 1
The GOLD Digger trading station gathers gold, silver and different currencies quotes directly from the banks. It identifies the common patterns when the big banks are significantly moving the price.
Level 2
Antony, Ronald and several big master traders analyze the pattern and the signal and decide if there is a profitable opportunity to apply it.
Level 3
The approved signal reaches your account and you get the profitable trade!
Withdraw the cash!
PROFIT BONUS*Included with All Licenses
August 2016 The GOLD Digger

FREE 3 Day stay at top class hotel in Austria with a loved one and up to 2 children. Flight not included.

FREE meet & greet and cocktail party with the developers.

FREE sightseeing tour off Innsbruck, including the headquarters of Swarovski and the famous Golden Roof.

FREE EVENING EVENT: Seminar to discuss the past year's profits as well as the future; upcoming updates + new modules (free of charge for all members).

We are very excited to meet you in person and dwell on memories of a year full of profits... and of many more to come!
Did you know that Ronald has a measured IQ of 147 which is "Genius or near genius" level according to Lewis Terman IQ study?
Did you know that a major Russian bank wanted to put the duo under contract in order to develop GOLD Digger just for themselves?
Did you know that Antony and Ronald gained 36 pounds combined while developing a system?
Did you know that Antony and Ronald did not leave the house for 21 days straight during the peak period of the system development?
Did you know that most of the development was processed in under a week, in a typical 1-room apartment with cups of coffee and a pizza on a table?
Did you know that Antony and Ronald performed over 20,000 tests during the development?
Did you know that whole laptop's keyboard buttons' text were erased by the frequent use during the development?
Did you know that for 90% of their meals, the guys ordered the food at home and did not even have time to leave the house?
Did you know that over 10,000 cups of coffee were drunk during the development... for extra inspiration?
Did you know that during the development Antony and Ronald rarely slept more than 4 hours a day?
Did you know that 2 high processing speed computers burned out during the development due to processor overload and overheating?
Did you know that for days Antony and Ronald communicated with each other only via Skype... while sitting in the same room?!
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does GOLD Digger software cost?
The GOLD Digger software is free of charge if you make a minimum deposit with our recommended broker.
How much money can I make with GOLD Digger software?
Your profits are unlimited and are dependent on how much you are prepared to invest.
How can I make a profit using GOLD Digger software?
In 3 easy steps, you will be on your way to riches with GOLD Digger:
1. Make a deposit.
2. Start using GOLD Digger Software.
3. Watch your profits grow.
How much does it cost to open an account with the recommended binary options broker?
There is no extra charge to open a trading account, and once you have completed the short registration form, your trading account will be open. We have managed to select the better and most reliable brokers, so you will never have to experience any delays or bad experiences.
Who is GOLD Digger?
The GOLD Digger was developed by a team of experienced traders and analysts who uncovered the secret to successful and profitable binary options trading. This team has combined their knowledge and experience to develop the GOLD Digger software which has assisted hundreds of other traders globally in trading binary options with ease and success.
Do I need to have previous experience with binary options trading in order to use GOLD Digger?
No, you do not. GOLD Digger is designed to work automated. It finds all profitable trades for you. You just need to set your investment and trade it. So even a complete newbie can make a profit with GOLD Digger.
Do I need to download any other software in order to trade binary options?
The GOLD Digger has two interfaces: the web-based and the windows application. So for the trading with GOLD Digger you do not need to download the application to your PC. You can trade, using your browser. But the using of our application is more conveniently but it is not obligatory.
What is the minimum investment amount per trade?
The minimum investment amount per trade is only $25.
How do I withdraw my profits from my trading account?
Withdrawals are simple and our preferred binary options broker provides a selection of withdrawal options. All withdrawal requests are processed within 1-2 business days. Again, we have consistently tested all brokers, and we only choose the ones that perform the better and processed withdrawals easily and without any delays.
What can I trade in when I trade binary options?
Our system is designed to trade the main Commodities like Gold and Silver. Also it can trade stocks, currency pairs and indices.
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